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Pivot Models

Zimmatic 9500P Series Pivot Irrigation
9500P Series Pivot


The 9500P center pivot is the most durable, rugged, and long-lasting member of the Zimmatic pivot family. Ideally suited for the roughest terrain, the longest systems and applications that require the most robust pivot point and pipeline structure.

Zimmatic 8500P Series Pivot Irrigation
8500P Series Pivot


Zimmatic® by Lindsay’s 8500P center pivot provides an incredible value for your operation. Combining state-of-the-art engineering design processes with the latest in material science, the 8500P center pivot features a 12-guage pipeline in a high strength machine you can trust to provide consistent irrigation for many years.

Zimmatic 7500P Series Pivot Irrigation
7500P Series Pivot


The 7500P Small-Field Pivot provides a new option for growers and a new way to cost-effectively irrigate smaller field. With its smaller diameter pipeline, the 7500P provides the height needed to irrigate taller crops, as well as strength you’ve come to expect from Zimmatic® by Lindsay irrigation systems. And at a lower cost, the 7500P will help you maximize coverage while minimizing costs.

Zimmatic 7500WD Water Drive Irrigation

7500WD Water Driven

As the leader in irrigation systems for small fields, Zimmatic offers the 7500WD Water-Driven pivot for use in corners or where power is not available.  No other energy is required and no electrical installation is needed.

Zimmatic Mobile Irrigation System

Mobile Pivots

Irrigate more acres without buying more equipment. Zimmatic offers three mobile irrigation solutions that allow you to spread your investment over multiple fields. All Zimmatic mobile pivots feature reinforced wheel hubs that swivel easily into towing position.

Zimmatic 9500CC Custom Corner

Zimmatic 9500CC Custom Corner System

The Zimmatic 9500CC is the most technologically advanced corner system on the market. With its SmartChip technology, it provides you with more uniform application throughout the field – because unlike competing corner systems – the 9500CC actually adapts to the various unique characteristics of your field.

Zimmatic Irrigation 9500DS Drop Span

9500DS Drop Span Option

The 9500DS drop span irrigates imperfect fields and fields with permanent obstacles such as buildings, equipment or fences. This option is available for center pivots and gives you the ability to quickly and easily drop obstructed outer spans, irrigate and then reattach those spans to continue irrigation.

Zimmatic FieldPlus Irrigation System


The Zimmatic FieldPLUS articulated pivot system allows you to irrigate portions of your land previously unreachable by standard pivots. if you've got a livestock yard, shed, utility pole or any other obstruction preventing you from irrigating a section of your field, the FieldPLUS system is your ticket to greater production. The FieldPLUS system is easy to use, reliable and quick to configure.

9500CC Corner with GPS guidance video
FieldPLUS articulated pivot video
DS9500 Drop Span video
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